Rotary Actuator 80 W Power
Product Info

The Rotary Actuator (RA) is a programmable electro-mechanic actuator with a very compact size and is able to provide rotary actuation with controlled position and speed and provide position feedback. It allows the switching functioning of the aircraft from piloted to unmanned mode.
– Provide shaft actuation based on a remote command
– Provide Clutching/Declutching based on a remote command
– Provide actuator position feedback both in clutched and declutched mode
– Provide shaft angular position output as analogue signal
– Provide load current feedback on digital bus
– Provide actuator status indication

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  • 01. Project type : UAV
  • 02. Product category : Electromechanical Actuators, Flight Control System
  • 03. Customer : N/A
  • 04. TRL : 3

Download Datasheet