Longitudinal Trim Actuator

Longitudinal Trim Actuator
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The Longitudinal Trim Actuator (LoTA) is a linear electro-mechanical actuator, providing linear motion during both extension and retraction, against a tensile or compressive load and consisting basically of an electric motor, including its control logic, and a reduction gearing that transforms the rotation movement into linear motion of the actuator rod.

The LoTA moves the A/C stabilizer surface to obtain aircraft trimming according to command provided by the Longitudinal Trim Switches on the Pilot stick grips.

Main features are:

– power supply 28 Vdc

– nominal speed 2.6 mm/s

– external load 3000 N

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  • 01. Project type : Military projects
  • 02. Product category : Electromechanical Actuators, Flight Control System
  • 03. Customer : Leonardo Aircraft
  • 04. TRL : 9

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