Landing Gear Emergency Control Module

The LGECM is designed to be part of the Hydraulic System and shall be used to give the hydraulic power to the nose landing gear, door actuators and unlocks in order to obtain extension of landing gear and doors opening operation when operating in emergency condition.
The LGECM is designed to be used in a type II, 4000 psi hydraulic system in accordance with MIL-H-5440.
The LGECM is consisting of the following major components:
– Landing Gear Emergency Accumulator (LGEA)
– Landing Gear Emergency Module (LGEM)
The LGEA is a Metal Bellows Accumulator, to store a pressurized fluid and supply it to Landing Gear System on emergency operation.
The LGEM is a manifold containing all the components to control the hydraulic pressure. It is connected to the accumulator by an integral screw spigot.


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Project Type

Fixed Wing, Military Projects

Product Type

Hydraulic Power System, Hydraulic Valves