Brake Hydraulic Reservoir

The BHR is sized to contain hydraulic fluid necessary to actuate the wheel brake system and to compensate external leakage and volume variation under operating temperature.
The BHR directly supplies the hydraulic line that connects pilot and co-pilot brake master cylinders.
The BHR includes a 3-ways, two positions manual Shut Off Valve (SOV) designed to isolate the BHR reservoir during circuit maintenance air bleeding operation.
The SOV allows to switch Open/Close Configuration:
– SOV Open: Normal. The reservoir is connected both to the brake circuit both to The Maintenance. An aluminum plug, installed on Maintenance Port during Open Configuration, isolates the MBC.
– SOV Closed: Maintenance. The maintenance port is connected to the brake circuit. The reservoir is isolated.


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Project Type

Civil Projects, Fixed Wing

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Brake Control System, Hydraulic Valves