UAM Projects

UAS – UAM Projects

Urban air mobility is probably the most promising perspective project for Aerial vehicle. These new kind of aircraft will link people to cities and regions, giving them more possibilities to connect. It will contribute to move urban transport into the sky so that sustainable city development becomes possible.



UAS is strongly involved in UAM field. This kind of aerial vehicle are mainly interested on systems and equipment mostly based on electric power more than hydraulic power. As a consequence, the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical systems play a central role for these applications. UAS has already matured a solid experience for these required products, but the forecasts of the UAM production are more close to the automotive market rather than to the avionic one. Summarizing, a UAM project requires a partner able to provide reliable and certified aeronautical systems/equipment with an automotive manufacturing rate.

The UAS project for UAM is certainly ambitious and involves a dedicated section and department of the company capable to provide a comprehensive response to UAM project from technical/technological point of view, together with organizational/managerial and manufacturing side.

Active Collaborations

UAS is involved in UAM projects since the beginning with the most promising companies (e.g., Lilium, Vertical Aerospace)