Tail Rotor Actuator

The TRA is designed as a double effect tandem actuator, with two separated hydraulic sections acting on the two hydraulic pistons connected in tandem.
The TRA is composed of the following main components:
– A Hydraulic Actuator, that is composed of a Cylinder, a tandem piston and a Centre Gland.
– Input and feedback linkage assembly. Those allow to command the output actuator rod position by means of a manual lever. Actuators stroke is proportional to the Position lever.
– The Hydraulic Modules (HM), each one composed by a Main Control Valve (MCV), dual concentric spool and anti-jamming design, and a Pressure switch (PS) to monitor valve primary spool jammed condition.
Both hydraulic modules are housed on the cylinder.
– A Flange externally assembled to the cylinder is designed to install the TRA on H/C frame.


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Project Type

Civil Projects, Rotary Wing

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Flight Control System, Hydraulic Valves