Smart Parallel Actuator

The Smart Parallel Actuator (SPARC) is a programmable electro-mechanic actuator with a very compact size and capable to perform controlled torque or controlled speed actuations. It provides the following main functionalities:
– Provide shaft actuation based on a remote command
– Provide shaft anchoring in absence of actuation command
– Provide pre-determined torque resistance profile at the shaft
– Provide shaft angular position output on digital bus
– Provide shaft torque output on digital bus
– Provide Hands-On indication
– Provide passive friction/damping in case of loss of active torque resistance
– Provide actuator status indication
– Provide real time torque resistance profile on input request
– Provide shaft actuation based on a local control algorithm


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Project Type

Civil Projects, Rotary Wing

Product Type

Electromechanical Actuators, Flight Control System