Rotor Brake Caliper

The Rotor Brake System proposed is designed as Floating Caliper / Fixed Disk type.
The main advantage of this solution is that any possible Rotor Disk and pads contacts in not actuated configuration are avoided.
The system actuation device is fully mechanical. The input force, applied on bottom lug of the Input Lever, is transmitted to the RBD through a very compact and efficient kinematic system rigidly connected with the Floating Pad.
The Floating Pad actuated by the input force moves towards the Disk. After contact between Disk and Floating Pad the input force balances the Spring Recovery System preload force and allows Floating Caliper shift towards the Disk.
When both Floating Pad and Fixed Pad are in contact with the Rotor Brake Disk the force applied on input lever is converted in a pressure load and subsequently in a tangential braking force.
At braking release, the Spring Recovery System restores the initial clearance between Disk and pads by moving caliper and then mobile pad.
Rotor Brake Caliper is designed to have a nominal clearance with the Rotor Disk in new condition within the range 1,75÷2,25 mm on each side. In fully worn condition the maximum clearance is 3.5 mm on each side.


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Civil Projects, Rotary Wing

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Brake Control System, Mechanical Components