Landing Gear Control Lever

The LGCL is designed to be part of control for the landing gear hydraulic system and shall be used to control the hydraulic power to the landing gear solenoid valve in order to actuate the landing gear in UP, DOWN. The LGCL is installed in the cockpit of the A/C in order to be actuated either by the pilot or copilot.
The control lever can be operated in two different positions:
– UP
The LGCL contains electrical and mechanical provision so that incorrect, unwanted and unintentional operation of the control on ground is not possible.
– a gear permission button shall be pressed to move the Lever
– the corresponding signal will be managed by LGCB
– If WOW signal allows it, the Solenoid actuator is energized to disable the lever locking device.
– Additionally, a mechanical detent is integrated by internal Cam for each possible position (UP and Down)


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Additional information

Project Type

Civil Projects, Fixed Wing

Product Type

Cockpit Equipment, Landing Gear Control System