Hydraulic Reservoir

The HR is the container for hydraulic fluid of the hydraulic system and it is required to stow and delivery according to the utilities connected:
– Main Hydraulic Pump
– Gear Hydraulic Pump
– Hydraulic Filter Package
It is be installed in the hydraulic compartment. The HR is sized considering fluid volume variations and assure no hydraulic system malfunctions due to in flight or on ground hydraulic system basic operations:
– Landing gear deploy (MLG actuators extended, NLG actuator retracted)
– Landing gear stowing (MLG actuators retracted, NLG actuator extended)
– Hydraulic consumers, steering, braking
– Combination of temperature effects, pressure effects, sloshing.
– Contain a minimum oil quantity under all operational conditions.


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Additional information

Project Type

Civil Projects, Fixed Wing

Product Type

Hydraulic Power System, Hydraulic Valves