Flap Control Unit

The Flap Control Unit is a very simple unit, without microprocessor or programmable logic device, used to control the Flap movements.
The FCU reads from the Flap Selector the Flap angle selected by the pilot and drive the Flap Linear Actuator to reach the position commanded.
The FCU reads the actual position of the Left Flaps and Right Flap, using the Flap Position Transducer and provide these measurements to the avionic.
The FCU continuously monitors Flap asymmetry Failure, Over Speed Flap Failure and generics Flap Control Systems Failures and provided these information to the avionic via discrete signals.
Main features are:
– power supply 28 Vdc
– max absorbed current 15.7 A


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Additional information

Project Type

Civil Projects, Fixed Wing

Product Type

Electronic Control Units, Flight Control System