Electric Wheel Brake Caliper Left

The Caliper proposed is designed as Floating Caliper / Fixed Disk type with an Electromechanical system of actuation (EMA).
The Electric Wheel Brake Caliper Left (EWBCL) is mainly composed of:
– Electric Motor, controlled by BCU;
– Main Body, supporting and integrating the whole kinematic chain from Electrical Motor to Caliper actuator. It is equipped with holes for Caliper installation on Landing gear.
– Fixed wear Pad, that is anchored to the Caliper main Body.
– Mobile Pad, actuated by Caliper piston and guided by the two pins connecting the Caliper to the Landing gear and belonging to Landing gear structure.
– Load Sensor, aimed to measure and control the axial load developed by the EMA.
– Electrical connector, to be connected to BCU for Electric Motor power supply and control and Load sensor connection.


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Additional information

Project Type

Fixed Wing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Product Type

Brake Control System, Electromechanical Actuators