Brake Control Unit

The BCU interfaces with the external equipment and brake control system components to:
– Receive the brake force required for Left and Right wheels from FCC via serial link bus
– Receive the Wheel Speed signals form the Left-hand and Right-hand wheel speed transducers.
– Receive signals from the system force sensors (Load Cell) mounted on EWBCL and EWBCR.
– Receive from FCC, information on Weigh-on-wheel for Left and Right Wheel.
– Receive from FCC, Antiskid ON/OFF selection command.
– Receive from FCC, Runway condition information.
– Receive from FCC, A/C Ground speed information.
– Provide the signals to drive the Brushless Motor inside the EWBCL/R to implement the brake action.
– Provide the signals to engage/disengage the Brake Motor in the EWBCR actuator to implement PARK Brake or Emergency Brake command.
– Provide information on the System Status and Health Condition to FCC
– Provide a USB interface available only for maintenance purpose.


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Additional information

Project Type

Fixed Wing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Product Type

Brake Control System, Electronic Control Units